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Your opinions matter

and we want to reward you for sharing them!

 The Taste Collective is a community of foodie fans and savvy shoppers that get paid for their feedback on a variety of food and drink trends and products. 

By taking part in surveys, focus groups, taste tests and more, you'll have the exclusive opportunity to influence the choices made by brands across the UK, and quite literally, shape what's on the supermarket shelves. 

Turn your insights and opinions 

into pounds...

Your voice has value. Enjoy prompt payments without the hassle of complicated and unachievable 

points systems. 

What's involved?

Taste Tests 

Test food and drink samples and then review your experience!  Taste tests are run in person at a venue or from your own home with samples being posted to you. Your feedback is generally shared through a questionnaire.

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Surveys are sent to members via email and range in length and focus. They can include multiple choice answers as well as text input options.  

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Focus Groups

A focus group session usually lasts between 60 - 90 minutes. It is held with a small group of people, either in person or virtually, and is moderated by one of our Taste Collectors.

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An interview involves one of our Taste Collectors asking you a set of questions. Interviews can vary in length, and can be online, by phone or sometimes in-person.

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What our members say...

I've tried a few market research surveys before 
but it took so long to collect enough points to even get £5 - This is different. I was really surprised 
how quickly I got my voucher!

Jermaine, Bristol

Jane, Leeds

Since being off work after an operation, I've really enjoyed having  something to do, and to get paid for it and treat myself is a great bonus. 

Rosa, Torquay

I've actually made friends through the group and the taste test was so much fun! 

Arjun, Bristol

I couldn't believe it when I got the call to say I had won the prize draw! Thank you Taste Collective! 

Tim, Oxford

I've done a few market research surveys before but it takes ages to collect enough points to even get £5 - This is different and I was really surprised how quickly I got my voucher! 

Ready to be rewarded
for your insights?

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